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Light fountain pen Tiny Loclen

Light fountain pen Tiny Loclen

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A light fountain pen with a modern design, minimalist and elegant.

The Loclen Tiny as his name says, is a tiny fountain pen that is adapted for a fine writing and is defined by a very light weight for a fountain pen, a great handling in hand and one of the most interesting characteristic is its ability to adapt its length thanks to a cap that can be attached to the back of the pen.

Like most of the pen made by Loclen this is also a fountain pen made from brass worked by hand in the north of Venice in Italy.

This particular fountain pen has been awarded by the "Pen World" magazine for his innovative view of an everyday carry and light fountain pen that could be considered as an elegant and discret pocket pen.

In one sentence, a light and tiny fountain pen that fits easily in your pocket.

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Luxury italian pens

A unique father and son family business created in 2008 located in the north of Venice in Italy.

They make by hand pens from blocks of brass without any CNC lathes

Modern, minimalist and elegant italian design to carry with you a unique pen than you can keep for a lifetime.

Each pen are made on demand and take 3 to 4 weeks to complete a cycle of production